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Yucca is a genus o perennial shrubs an trees in the faimily Asparagaceae, subfaimily Agavoideae. Its 40-50 species is notable for thair rosettes o evergreen, teuch, swuird-shaped leaves an lairge terminal panicles o white or whitish flouers.Thay are native …
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9/10/2017 · Yucca elephantipes Etymology [ edit ] Variant of English yuca , from Galibi Carib yuca ( “ cassava ( Manihot esculenta ) ” ) , because Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778) and others confused it with that plant.
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Hochstetter, C.F.F. (2000) Yucca (Agavaceae). Band 1 Dehiscent-fruited species in the Southwest and Midwest of the USA, Canada and Baja California, Selbst Verlag, 2000. ISBN 3-00-005946-6
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Yucca是龍舌蘭科的植物,中文叫做絲蘭,是種充滿熱帶風情的植物~ 順帶一提,坐鎮在店門外的那棵盆栽也是Yucca唷! 再往裡頭走,Yucca Cafe也準備了一張長桌,滿適合家庭或是團體聚餐的,桌上的新鮮玫瑰也是美美噠~
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Les yuques son plantes ensundioses del xéneru Yucca, compuestu por una cincuentena d’especies de la familia Agavaceae natives de Norte y Centroamérica, carauterístiques poles sos rosetes de fueyes con forma d’espaes y polos sos recímanos de flores blanques. Nun tien de confundir se cola yuca o mandioca comestible (Manihot esculenta).
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Yucca plant. Planted here as part of the corniche landscaping in abu dhabi, uae.
Yucca is a family of shrubs and trees, related to the agaves.There are between 40 and 50 different kinds of Yucca. All come from the hot and dry places in North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean.They have a very special way of pollination.There is an animal, the Yucca moth, which does the pollination.

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Yucca brevifolia is a plant species belonging to the genus Yucca.It is tree-like in habit, which is reflected in its common names: Joshua tree, yucca palm, tree yucca, and palm tree yucca. This monocotyledonous tree is native to the arid Southwestern United States, specifically California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, and to northwestern Mexico (Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, and
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